Although this is a very real story of individual, family and systemic skulduggery and of the effect of trauma on a young girl’s life and psyche, the story also has mythological and mystical components. However, its themes─ trauma and grief, the power of community and the care of the earth and its resources─ are particularly relevant today.

Its resultant narrative structure is sometimes unusual immersing readers in the story with its unique cast of both mortal and immortal characters and its curious blend of Aussie and Homeric language.

The book is ravishingly illustrated by a wonderful artist with drawings, paintings and icons woven throughout the ever changing text.

This is an extravaganza of an adult novel resembling in its artistic presentation the best of children’s literature.

Why shouldn’t adults enjoy their stories in the way they did as children?

Captured by a Cyclops, a one eyed giant who ate his mates one by one
Our Clever Dick Odysseus drilled a burning stake into his eye
until the burning eyeball burst
He tricked the Cyclops cronies saying his name was Nobody
He escaped by clinging to the belly of a jumbuck
boasting like the smart cookie that he was
When any man asks you who gouged your eye say
It was Odysseus, Raider of Cities, King of Ithaca
The crazed Cyclops conned Poseidon
a big time God of the Sea to teach that golden boy a thing or two